About Jennifer Wilson & Slow Math

Slow Math isn’t about counting down the minutes until your math class is over. Instead, it’s about experiencing mathematics with a community of learners, starting with an interesting question to whet your appetite, exploring the question through conjectures enhanced by your observations and creativity, culminating the learning experience with generalizations and solutions that can be used in future questions and explorations.

This Slow Math Movement blog is an effort to share evidence of giving students time to experience mathematics instead of just telling students mathematics.

I have been an educator for 22 years, spending 18 of those years teaching and learning mathematics with students at Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood, Mississippi. My current course load includes Advanced Placement Calculus and Geometry.

My students and I enter into a community of learning together at the beginning of each school year. While it is our tangible goal to study the measure of the earth (geometry) and change in motion (calculus), our intangible goal is to enter into the practice of learning. While my students enjoy my class because I help them develop and understand algorithms, theorems, and concepts using appropriate technology and infinite patience, I also seek to help students understand how to recognize patterns by themselves as they learn to live responsibly, diagnose problems, and defend justice on their own.

I’ve been blogging for a while at Easing the Hurry Syndrome. I’m not sure yet how I will differentiate between these two blogs, but for now, I’ll try keeping up with both and see what happens.

Do you have stories to share about slowing down to give students time to struggle productively with mathematics and think creatively in mathematics? Share them in the comments or tweet them to @jwilson828 using #slowmath.


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